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Francisco and Margarita Obviar came to the Surrey Early Speech and Language Program when their twin sons Gabriel and Nathaniel were just 2 ½ years old.  “Without the help of this program, I do not know where we would be today,” says mom Margarita.  “My sons have learned so much and have made such an improvement.  Their teacher Amanda Goodison was so kind and patient.  We did so many wonderful activities together and I am so grateful for the help.”  Gabriel and Nathaniel are now 5 years old and are getting ready to enter kindergarten.  “We just wanted to find a way that we could give back and express our gratitude for the services we received,” Margarita explains.”

The Obviar Family participates in our Bright Futures Monthly Giving Club. Monthly giving is a unique opportunity to help support the programs and services at BCFHRS.  By giving monthly, BCFHRS will have an assured source of revenue to make long-term plans for programs and services.  Many of our donors prefer the monthly giving program because it allows them to budget their gifts throughout the year.  It’s easy, convenient and a practical way to support BCFHRS.

The Taylor Family Celebrates In Style

When Joe Taylor received money for his birthday, he did not do what most 9-year-old boys do. “We encouraged Joe to donate his birthday money to BCFHRS,” says his mother Bobbi.  “We have spent a lot of time here – it feels like our second home. We have received such great service and have benefited so much from the programs.  I feel the least we can do is give back”  Bobbi continues, “and it teaches Joe how to show appreciation for the help he has received.”

If you are looking for a  meaningful way to incorporate giving into a special occasion, consider making a tribute gift to BCFHRS.  With a tribute gift, friends and family can make a donation in lieu of a birthday gift, a Christmas gift or any other gift.  You can also ask to receive a report of those who donated in honor of your celebration to make thank-you card writing as easy as possible.

For more information about our Bright Futures monthly giving program, please contact Cathy Cruickshank at 604-584-2827 ext 227.  To find out more about making a tribute gift for an upcoming celebration, please contact Lisa Rosales at 604-584-2827 ext. 236.